Lately here at the office, everyone’s a comedian. But comedy is not our core business, so we leave it to the pros to make you laugh. That’s why we were happy to help out when internet TV channel Comedy TV asked us to help out with a redesign of their site.

The site has a great concept, bringing everyone everywhere not only the best of swedish stand-up comedy, but also interviews, podcasts and blogs featuring swedens top comedians. We all know laughter is the best medicine, so what else can you ask for, really?

As noted, while the comedians do what they do best, we here at Bazooka do what we do best: the site was given a fresh, new look and some usability touch-ups, giving the film clips a very central role. At the same time, the code behind it all was given an overhaul, which led to nice object-oriented PHP code on the server, and much more search-engine friendly HTML. All this while still keeping the site’s AJAX elements.

Make sure your boss doesn’t catch you doing this, so plug in your headphones and try to keep a straight face: Click here to check out Comedy TV,